A New Spin on Old Tradition


       Jake Adler - Brand Manager

    As an avid golfer, Jake grew increasingly frustrated at seeing his fellow golfers over-pay for brand name equipment. From this frustration, Jake set out to offer, "top-end golfing equipment and apparel at a much more competitive price point". With this vision, JK Crew Golf was created. Jake's research in product development has been extensive and he has worked with some of the industry's top club designers. JK Crew Golf is now represented in over five different countries and has an international following. Jake welcomes you to try the JK Crew Golf brand and is join the JK Crew family.

       Kurt Skinner - Creative Director

    Ever since Kurt got his first set of Tommy Armour 845 Sliver Scots as a 9-year old, he has been addicted to the game of golf. After completing his engineering degree in 2003, Kurt decided to work behind the scenes of the golfing industry. He has worked with various golf companies throughout Australia and the United States. Knowing the costs involved in developing and manufacturing golf clubs, he wanted to offer the golfing public what he believed they were rightfully entitled to - a great hitting club which won't break the bank. "We stand behind our clubs and know you will too after your first swing"

       Steven Long - USA Regional Sales Manager / California Tournament Director

    Steven has an A.A.B. in Golf Complex Operations and Management from Golf Academy of America (August 2010), along with 25-plus years of experience in Sales and Marketing Management (Golf Resort and related other industries). He is a certified Tournament Coordinator, Golf Instructor and Club Fitter. Steve is a current 4.2 Handicap Index Golfer and has been an ambassador to the Great Game of Golf since 1969.

       John Montague - USA Regional Sales Manager / Georgia Tournament Director

    John is a former senior business executive; with 38 years of retail experience at one the nation's oldest department store chains. His passion and enthusiasm for the game of golf, "the greatest game ever played", makes his transition to the JK Crew team a comfortable fit. John immediately saw the potential of the JK Crew vision and wanted to bring his talent in marketing and merchandising to the Crew team. John believes a sporting product that performs, is priced correctly and has a professional look and feel will be a hit with amateur and professional golfers alike. He has developed a keen eye over the years for quality sporting goods and believes JK Crew has certainly hit the bull's-eye with their line of golfing equipment, accessories and apparel.

       Erik Langthau - Florida Tournament Director

    Erik has been running tournaments for almost 3 years and is passionate about his work. Erik most recently directed the Golf Channel Am Tour. A USGA member, Erik is an avid golfer himself.

       Jason Nole - Regional Sales Manager / Tournament Director

    As an avid golfer, Jason recognizes that JK Crew golf equipment has a very unique style. JK Crew's "new spin on old tradition" enables golfers of all skill levels the abilities to afford new technologies that are extremely competitive. Jason is witnessing first hand that the JK Crew Amateur Tour is generating real excitement amongst golfers of all handicaps. Jason is very excited about the opportunity to work with everyone on the "Crew" to provide each and every tournament player with a professional golfing experience at every event.

       Wayne Eckerle - USA Regional Sales Manager

       Matt Hall - Victoria Sales Manager

       Brett Metcalf - Victoria Tournament Director

    Brett has been involved in golf tournaments since 1997, working with scoring systems and communications for events such as the Australian Masters and Australian Opens. Brett has a wealth of experience as well as a deep passion for the game. Brett has worked with some of the most influential people in the industry and has now brought those years of experience with him to help establish the JK CREW AMATEUR TOUR. Brett also handles the JK CREW GOLF marketing in Australia.