A New Spin on Old Tradition     


  • Jk crew takes online safety seriously.
  • Check the "Terms and Conditions" before you buy.
    Check payment requirements and delivery details to make sure you are fully aware of any or all fees.
  • Allow for delivery time and confirm the item is in stock.
    Be aware that as we do have stock readily available; any customized orders may take 2-4 weeks to be prepared.
  • Understand the return policies.
    This is most important when it comes to shopping for others, you will want to make sure your purchases can be returned. Be positive that if you are not fully assured your gift will be appreciated be sure returns can be made quickly and.
  • Record Keeping.
    Make sure you keep detailed records of your online purchases. Print out receipts and order confirmations. These will be very important if you have any problems with your order or if you need to make a warranty claim.
  • If your unsure simply ask.
    Shopping online is very different to shopping in a store.
    Even though JK Crew offers many ways for you to try our products before you buy certain customers may simply just to choose and hope they receive exactly what they were looking for in a product.
    Please...ask us anything and we will be sure you get what you need
  • Don't accept mediocracy.

    If you are not satisfied with a purchase or the purchase process, contact us. We strive to make your experience with JK Crew a joy and not just a decision.