A New Spin on Old Tradition     


JK Crew equipment designs began in 2005 and were released to the public in 2009. We are currently represented in five countries and have experienced explosive growth in both the equipment and apparel market.

JK Crew Golf is represented in Australia, United States, South America, Mexico, Canada and are currently releasing to the Asian, European and the United Kingdom markets.

The JK Crew's vision is to offer top end golfing equipment at an affordable price point. The feeling was that golfers world-wide are over paying for their equipment and many companies were using their big profits to pay for marketing and sponsorships.

Our target market is retail chains, pro shops, driving ranges, end users, college and high school students. We offer golf equipment for amateurs and professionals and aim to make sure the buyer is undeniably satisfied before, during and after the sale.

Unlike many other manufacturers JK Crew's equipment comes standard with the highest quality grips and shafts. We do not charge our customers extra to get what they are rightfully entitled to.

Our unique designs offer a clean, sharp and sleek look. It has taken JK Crew years to design its equipment and we never compromise on quality.

Our equipment offers increased ball control, ball trajectory and a unique experience every time a golfer hits the golf ball. With a prestigious top view look, every time a golfer hits the ball they will know that they are using the best of the best.

JK Crew is a flexible, positive thinking, innovative and passionate golf company. We encourage brain storming and feedback within our team and will always give a response to any question within 24 hours.

The proof is in the pudding and JK Crew is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. All our equipment and apparel will be available through our representative's located world-wide.

Website: www.jkcrewgolf.com
Email: sales@jkcrewgolf.com