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Golf Exercises for More Flexibility - Swing to Win

Golf, the game of aristocrats! Whenever we imagine ourselves playing golf, often we dream of standing ourselves in a big free green land with a club in hand. Mere imagining the scenario can make us feel the cool wind breeze passing through our body and hair. Playing Golf becomes more exciting when we win the game. There are many tactics one can follow to become the winner in the golf game. Among many tactics of golf game, body flexibility is a must. With a perfect flexibility, a golfer can enhance his/her wining capacity. You can ask why flexibility is so important in golf. The answer is a powerful swing can only be made by the connected force of shoulder and hip rotation. For a successful and perfect swing, shoulder should be at a 90-degree angle over hips, which should turn 45 degrees. See! There are several critical angles to be made by the body in a successful swing. So flexibility is the key factor here. If your body is not flexible, then it will not help you to attain the ideal swing.

Golf Exercises for More Flexibility

Flexibility enables the player act in every dimensions possible. In addition to increase the power, it can increase the distance off the tee. It allows the player to act and play freely. Different famous golf performers suggested the players to do some exercise to increase flexibilityand to avoid stiff shoulders, inflexible & tight hips, and stiff hamstrings. We will offer you the best two exercises to increase the body flexibility.

Before going into physical exercises, we would like to introduce the "EB sports shoe", dedicatedly made for playing golf. For more about "EB sports shoe", check out this website. With its enhanced researched based technology, it will increase the body balance of the player. It will allow the player's ankle to be more flexible which in turns allows the hip to co-ordinate easily with shoulder rotation. With great comfort EB Shoe offers the best balance one can have on the ground. With the combination of this shoe and the exercises advised below anybody with proper motivation can enhance their golf skills. Here goes the exercises:

1. Straight leg hang with flat back:

The first exercise we would like to advice is straight leg hang with flat back. It will definitely increase the body flexibility and will enhance shoulder and hip co-ordination.

Way-to do: Stand on the ground keeping the feet at shoulder width. Keeping the back flatslowly bend towards the ground. Hold for 30 seconds than go back to the normal stance. Do this exercise 2/3 times a day.

Benefits: It will increase the hamstrings range of motion allowing hips to easily co-ordinate with the hamstring. This will help to easily achieve the perfect golf stance.

2. Rotation lunge

The second exercise is rotation lunge. It is a variation of normal lung exercise.

Way-to-do: Hold your club in your hands. Now shift the golf club on the back of your shoulders. Taking a big step into lung position turn your body in the direction of your extended knee. Hold for two seconds then go back to the normal stance and repeat.

Benefits: It will increase your lung capacity, strengthen your leg muscle and increase your body co-ordination and balance.

Practicing the exercises regularly will increase the players body flexibility. As we know a flexible body wins the game. So don't wait! Put on the EB shoe and start exercising. The success is waiting for you.