A New Spin on Old Tradition     


    The DINT Putter story began around 25 years ago in the mid 80's. Brothers Michael and Anthony Dinte, as a side-line to their prospering Foundry business, introduced a range of Golf Putters into the market place.

    Being of exceptional quality, the putters quickly grew in popularity and became the weapon of choice for many professionals including Craig Parry, Roger McKay and Peter Senior.

    The putters developed an international reputation with many thousands being shipped to the US and around the globe.

    Celebrities and Dignitaries alike were proud recipients of the putters ranging from Ronnie Corbett of "The 2 Ronnies" fame, to the Vice President of the US, Dan Quayle.

    To this day, the putters are still manufactured in Australia by a 100% Australian owned and operated company. And, the putters are as popular as ever.